Born in Surrey 1961

Solo Exhibitions

2017 'A Return to Old Certainties', Lobomirov/Angus Hughes Gallery, London
2012 'Saturnia', Bruxelles, Belgium
2010 'To Have and to Hold', The Wapping Project, London
1999 ʻLost Cherriesʼ, Electrum Gallery, London
1996 'The Story So Far', 2-4 Southgate Road, London
  Liberty, London
1993 Liberty, London
  Southbank Centre, London
1992 Southbank Centre, London
1988 Cobra & Bellamy, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 'Flugbalatter', curated by Birgit Jensen, Dordrecht, Holland
2017 'EMPIRE II', Venice Biennale, Italy
  'EMPIRE II' at Brussels Art Week in Association with Frédéric de Goldschmidt &
  John Adams, Brussels, Belgium
  'EMPIRE II', White Post, In Association with Corridor Gallery, London
  'EMPIRE II' in Association with Provincial Project Space, Kendal, Cumbria
  'EMPIRE II', SPEKTRUM | art science community, Berlin, Germany
  'EMPIRE II' in Association with Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, London
  'Crash', Q Park , Cavendish Sq, London
  'Fit the Slit', Lido, Venice, Italy
  'Flugblätter', curated by Birgit Jensen, Loitz, Germany
  'Chinese Open', Q Park, Newport Place, London
2016 'Big Deal No. 7', Q Park, Leicester Square, London
  'The Kick inside', Florentin 45 Art space, Tel Aviv, Israel
  'Drive Thru', Q Park, Cavendish Square, London
  'Curious Bodies', Clerkenwell, London
  'Nirvana, Les etranges formes du plaisir', Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, Switzerland
2015 'Big Deal No. 666', London
  'Fall of the Rebel Angels', Venice 56th Biennale, Italy
  'Silent Movies', Q Park, Cavendish Square, London
  'Fit the Slit', Lido, Venice, Italy
  'Chinese open', Q Park, Soho, London
  'Cutlog', Paris, France
  'Office Sessions', Beak St. London
  'Sunday in the Park with Ed', Display Gallery, London
  'Bazaar', Lubomirov/Hughes Gallery, London
2014 'Nirvana, Les étranges formes du plaisir', mudac
  (Musée de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains), Lausanne, Switzerland
  'Unlikely Union', National Rugby Stadium Gallery, Twickenham, London
  'We could not agree', Q Park, Cavendish Sq, London
  'Subito Carceris', 100 Years Gallery, London
  'Fete worse than Death' Red Gallery, London
  'Big Deal, 'Marvelous Mix-ups!', Loud & Western Building, London
  'Day Job', Samia Gallery, London
  'Sexism', Samia Gallery, London
  'Chinese Open', Q Park, Chinatown, London
2013 'What's going on?', The Usher Gallery, Lincoln Museum
  ‘Vitis Vinifera’, London
  ‘The Aesthetics of Ruin’, Ozone Galerie, Belgrade, Serbia
  ‘Final Cut,’ Wapping Project, London
  ‘Beyond Precious’, Galerie 19 Paul Fort, Paris
  ‘Unlikely Union’, Stringer Gallery, London
  ‘Big Deal No.5’, Q Park, London
  Directional Forces 'Colony 55', Venice, Italy
  'Degrading', Studio 1.1 Gallery, London
  'Chinese Open, Q Park, Chinatown, London
  'Summer Show', CUL DE SAC Gallery, London
2012 'On the Road', CUL DE SAC Gallery, London
  'BIG DEAL NO4' (virtual)
  'Vroom', NW8, London
  'End of the World', Papier Fabrik, Graz, Austria
  ‘Cabinet Exhibition', Islington Arts Factory, London
  ‘Baculum’, Anderson Pertwee & Gold Gallery, London
  ‘Plate’, Alice Herrick Gallery, London
  ‘Queen of Diamonds', Electrum Gallery, London
  ‘Widely Absurd’, The Hundred Years Gallery, London
  ‘Target the Heart’, Electrum Gallery, London
  ‘Exteritorial’, Studio 1.4 Vienna, Austria.
2011 ‘Sexy 100’, London
  ‘Big Deal No3', Camden Collective, London
2010 ʻMinisculeʼ, Oblong Gallery, London
  Electrum Gallery, London
  'The Moment of Privacy Has Passedʼ, The Usher Gallery, Lincoln
2009 'V22 Presents: The Sculpture Show', The Biscuit Factory, London
2000 'Sofa', Lesley Craze Gallery, Chicago
  'La Renaissance Du Bijou' part 2, Galerie Piltzer, Paris
1999 'La Renaissance Du Bijou' part 1, Galerie Piltzer, Paris
1998 ʻVery Britishʼ, Galerie Dʼor, Oldenburg, Germany
1995 The Blue Gallery, Walton St, London
1994 'Artists & Artisans of De Beauvoir', Bowater House, London
  Victoria & Albert Museum, London
1993 'Todays Jewels, From Paper to Platinum', Lesley Craze Gallery, London
1992 The Economist Building, London
1991 Smiths Gallery, London


Swiss National Museum, Switzerland
The Collection, Lincoln Museum, 2013 - 2015


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Laboratory Arts Collective Magazine, ‘Desire’
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